Referral and Identification

Identification Process for Gifted Education Services (K-12) 

Step 1:  Screening

  • Division-level Observation: The classroom teacher will note student questions, responses, examples of unusual thinking or exceptional creativity and consistently strong academic performance using the Kingore Observation Inventory for all students in grades K-8. English and math teachers in grades 9-12 will complete the MCPS High School Gifted Screening Instrument for all students.

  • The gifted resource teacher may administer planned experiences (grades K-8) as part of an authentic portfolio collection.

  • Data collection: The gifted resource teacher will collect screening data and information from division assessments to determine if a referral for gifted identification is supported.

Step 2:  Referral

Once a referral is initiated, parents are asked to sign and return the Permission to Evaluate/ Test/Provide Services Form.  A Parent Inventory is included on the back of this form.  The formal assessment and Identification/Placement Committee meeting will be completed within 90 instructional days after receipt of this signed document.  

Step 3:  Formal Assessment

  • Information and data is collected by the gifted resource teacher and recorded on the MCPS Gifted Identification Assessment Student Profile and Committee Form (K-12).

  • Teachers complete Scales for Rating the Behavioral Characteristics of Superior Students.  

  • The gifted resource teacher administers standardized ability and/or achievement tests.

Step 4:  Identification/Placement Committee Meeting

  • The Gifted Identification Committee meets to determine eligibility for gifted identification. Data is reviewed, using rubrics and scales to quantify the evidence. A holistic case study approach is used to determine if there is enough evidence to support gifted identification in the specific academic areas of English and/or mathematics.

  • Parents, principals, and teachers are informed of the identification/placement decision.Notification of gifted status will be made in January for students evaluated during the first semester.  Parents of students who are evaluated during the second semester of school will be notified by May.

  • Parents, principals, and teachers have the right to appeal the committee decision. A written appeal may be submitted to the Administrator of Gifted Programs within ten school days after receipt of the notification letter. Revised 11/2016