Biology Resources

Virginia Science Activities, Models & Simulations (SAMS)
The Virginia Science Activities, Models and Simulations project engages students in middle and high school in practices that are essential for learning through inquiry. The activities involve asking questions or defining problems, using models or sensors, collecting data, interpreting results, using mathematics, technology and computational thinking, constructing explanations and designing solutions based on evidence.

Awesome Science Teacher Resources
Biology and chemistry resources for science teachers at the middle and high school levels.

Learning From Worms
A high school unit from University of Washington's Genome Science Education Outreach. Students investigate worms' responses to varying levels of salt (osmotic stress) to explore how genes and the environment interact to determine traits in living organisms. This unit contains five lessons, a final assessment, and a PowerPoint presentation.

Virtual Fetal Pig Dissection
Whitman College Biology Department has designed this site a supplement to laboratory dissections exploring introductory mammalian anatomy and physiology.

BioInteractive  Explore the evolution of corn from the wild grass teosinte to the corn on the cob we eat today in the film Popped Secret: The Mysterious Orgin of Corn.  How many genetic changes were responsible for the evolution of maize to teosinte? Have your students answer this question by working through the math using Punnett squares in this new lesson. .  HHMI BioInteractive provides hundreds of science education resources including 3D models, animations, classroom resources, films and instructors resources.  

Using BioInteractive Resources to Teach Mathematics and Statistics in Biology.