Student Services


The purpose of the Student Intervention Services office is to provide meaningful prevention and intervention services so that all children can learn and succeed.  Our work is focused on providing support to our schools through a collaborative approach directed at one student at a time.  We embrace the overall mission of Montgomery County Public Schools to engage, encourage and empower our students by being committed to the academic, social, physical and emotional well-being and progress of each and every student.




Judy Diggs

Director of Student Intervention Services
540-382-5100, ext. 1029

 Renee Manning
Administrative Assistant
540-382-5100, ext. 1023

Melissa Hipple/Coordinator of School Counseling/382-5100, ext. 1022
Jennifer Baldwin/VTSS and Project Aware Manager382-5100,ext. 1204
Aline Brinckman/Homeless Liaison/Foster Care Contact/382-5100, ext. 1026
Mary Jane King/504 Coordinator/382-5100, ext. 1021
Kelly Hager/Lead Nurse/540-381-6126
Jennifer Weaver/Administrator/Alternative Education/Truancy/540-382-5122
Doris Bennett-Lentz/School Intervention Coordinator/540-394-2180
Anne Guthrie/School Intervention Coordinator/540-268-3010
Mary Johnston/School Intervention Coordinator/540-951-5834
Julie Sink/Student Assistance Program Coordinator/540-951-5706
Heather Vaught/Student Assistance Program Coordinator/540-382-5178
Paige Walters/Student Assistance Program Coordinator/540-268-3010