Contracts and Salary Scales

Contracts and Salary Scales
Posted on 04/29/2016
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This week, the School Board approved revised salary scales for 2016-17. These scales incorporate the first year of the Evergreen Salary Study - a study to help bring employees up to market value over two years. 

An employee's salary under the new scales will be based on their years of experience, the market value for their position and their current pay with MCPS.

Most employees will receive a pay increase and no employee will see a decrease in pay as a result of the study.

The HR department is working frantically to place each employee int he appropriate spot on the new pay scales so that contracts can be printed and distributed. Contracts will be ready by the end of May - you should get them before you leave for the summer.  Questions regarding salary placement for next year can not be answered until after contracts are distributed.