Gmail Conversion - July 15

Gmail Conversion - July 15
Posted on 07/12/2016

Our gmail conversion will happen on Friday, July 15! This email will contain a lot of information on how to access your email after July 15, how to update your cell phones and/or ipads to receive email, and where your old email will go.

The first thing to know is - stop checking your email!  Seriously, please do not try to check email at all on Friday, July 15th - Google or Groupwise . Let those files convert in peace.

Starting on Saturday, July 16, you will access your email by signing into Google and clicking the Mail app.

  • Your username will be your email address (brendadrake@mcps.org)

  • Your password will be the same password you used for your mobilemcps.org  Google account

  • If you don’t remember your password, you can call 381-6165 and press 2  during normal business hours (not on Saturday)

Wait! What about my Chromebook?

  • You are in luck! Chromebook conversion will be completely seamless. Your password will be the same. We’ll do some finagling on our end to make sure your login is correct. The key here, though, is to leave that Chromebook alone on Friday!

My cell phone!? My ipad?!

  • No worries, you’ll still be able to get your mail on your cell phone and on your ipad. It’s just going to take a few steps.

  • First, delete the Exchange account (you’ll do this in your mail settings).

  • If you have your mobilemcps.org account set up on the device, open up the gmail settings and change @mobilemcps.org to @mcps.org. EASY!

  • It’s okay if you didn’t do this! You will add a new email account in your mail settings - make sure you choose the gmail option if it’s available. Your username will be your email address (brendadrake@mcps.org) and your password will be the same one you used to sign into Google with mobilemcps.org.

Wait! I love Groupwise ! What do I do!

  • You can still login to Groupwise to visit and say hello, but you will not be able to send or receive any email through Groupwise  after Friday, July 15.

Where will all of my old emails go?!?!

  • One year of emails will be moved over to gmail. Anything older than a year will remain archived in the Netmail archive.

  • Your emails will sit in a folder named “Groupwise.”

  • All new email will populate into your inbox.

Hopefully that answers all of your questions about gmail! Don’t forget - no email on Friday, July 15!